On Golden Pond


Once in a lifetime an opal cutter discovers the extreme uniqueness of God’s Art hidden inside the opal he cuts.

I have been luckier than most.

I have discovered “Flamenco Dancer”, “Water of Life” the words written in Chinese writing, a lotus pond with goldfish, and most impressive of all:


Having enjoyed this picture stone for over a decade we have now decided to offer it up for sale.


Quite apart from the one off nature of every gem boulder opal!
One in a million boulder opals, when polished, reveal a remarkable and unique picture revealed by the opal cutters skills. We cut and polished “ON GOLDEN POND” to discover the OPAL ART in it ten years ago and I must admit because it is irreplaceable and thus priceless we have resisted selling it.

Now we share it with you.

The picture seen in the golden water of the opal is of Norman Thayer (played by Oscar Best Actor Henry Fonda in the Academy Awards) and Ethel Thayer (played by Katharine Hepburn) in that canoe sliding over the golden lake   sparkling with the yellow sunbeams of the summer sunset.

Norman is sitting behind and higher than Ethel in the canoe and as the opal is moved sideways one sees the canoe roll and him hold on to his hat.

The resemblance is so striking to scenes from “On Golden Pond” that the name of this rare ‘named opal’ is a ‘given’!

Click here for the video and see for yourself.

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Australian Opal Cutters

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