“Black Opal Pendant – “”Kimberly Suns

“Black Opal Pendant – “”Kimberly Sunset”” I have heard many opal jewellers remark that ‘the opal jewellery business is a fine business to be in. But surely it’s height of satisfaction is found in discovering the unique handiwork of “”God’s art hidden underground in opal”” brought to light in the hands of the skilled opal polisher.

“”Kimberly Sunset””, an incredible stunning gem, Australian black opal from Lightning Ridge weighing a total of 38.57ct. Set in a 18t yellow gold, 2 golden South Sea pearls approximately 14mm diameter each, 80 GVS quality diamonds with a total carat weight of 1.75ct. #opal #black opal https://goo.gl/v5nDLM

Published by

Australian Opal Cutters

51 years ago a father and son travelled Australia selling jewellery...1 million customers later and we have customers in 32 countries around the world...

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